G.A. Aviation Services can also assist its clients with the purchase and sale of aircraft. Our long technical aviation experience allows us to undertake the whole sales consultancy process. Our technicians will make an initial inspection of the aircraft and file a report outlining any rectifications needed. An evaluation of the craft is then made, based on the findings and any repairs can then be undertaken in agreement with the client. Our company will also carry out the necessary negotiations and see through the various administrative procedures, including, the formulation of a purchase agreement, the completion of the transaction through an escrow agent, deregistration of the aircraft from its current authority and registration with a new one. You can be confident that our team will make every effort to complete every transaction to your satisafaction.


Koropi (Headquarters)

Our newly-built company headquarters in Koropi, Attica includes one of the largest and most up-to-date heliports in Greece and indeed Euro


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