Koropi (Headquarters)

Our newly-built company headquarters in Koropi, Attica includes one of the largest and most up-to-date heliports in Greece and indeed Europe. Set within a space of 27,000 sqm it contains 1,200 sqm of hangar space as well as a further 1,400 sqm for engine shops, offices, training room and warehouse space for parts and lubricants. Needles to say, there is ample space for parking and customer and passenger waiting areas too. The heliport is characterised by its accessibility. Just a ten-minute drive from Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport with easy connections to motorways and transport links. Our favourable geographical position also offers easy access to Athens, the Argosaronic and Cyclades Islands.



G.A. Aviation Services covers the full range of line and base maintenance, including airframe and engine scheduled and unscheduled checks, avionics inspection and installation as well as structural repairs. We also undertake component repair and overhaul through our cooperation with OEM’s and MRO’s. 


Our brand new heliport contains 1,200 sqm of hangar space where you can park your helicopter safely. In addition to this, we offer a range of services. Park your helicopter with us for access to all of these but mostly for peace of mind.


We are an EASA PART 145 approved maintenance organisation (EL.145.038) and an approved CAMO organisation (Continuous Airworthiness Management Organisation) (EL.MG.038) as well as being certified with ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004.


While using the facilities at our heliport, you can also refuel and get back in the air. We are currently in collaboration with BP to provide all your fuelling needs.

Sales of Aircraft Parts and Lubricants

Maintaining an inventory of aircraft parts, components and consumables through cooperation with our wide network of aircraft manufacturers and parts suppliers we are in a position to meet  all your technical needs.


As part of our service we buy and sell aircraft. We have significant experience in the sale of both new and used helicopters and aircraft, worldwide, with many satisfied clients. Should you require such services, please contact our headquarters in Koropi.


G.A. Aviation Services can also assist its clients with the purchase and sale of aircraft. Our long technical aviation experience allows us to undertake the whole sales consultancy process. Our technicians will make an initial inspection of the aircraft and file a report outlining any rectifications needed.


We are currently in the process of adding commercial air transport operations to our range of services and will soon be in a postion to offer you the chance to take advantage of this exciting new opportunity. Perhaps you will require an Air Taxi service or you might want to book a sightseeing tour by helicopter, we will be able to arrange both these options.

Aircraft Evaluation

Should you wish to buy or sell any aircraft, we can help to provide you with an accurate evaluation. Our technicians will make an initial inspection of the aircraft and file a report outlining any rectifications needed. An evaluation of the craft will then be made based on the findings and any repairs can then be undertaken in agreement with the client.


As brokers, we are the link to your aviation requirements. With our extensive experience and connections in the world of aviation, we can offer you various brokering services. Namely, we can help you to charter a helicopter or small aircraft. We can also aid you throughout the whole process of purchasing or selling any small aircraft or helicopter.


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